Benefits of Automating Customer Review Collection

If you have a business, one of the most critical factors you should consider is the managing customer reviews. Reviews can make or break your business and serve as social proof of how your business is doing.

Keeping up with online reviews manually can be a headache, necessitating review automation. This process relies on software products to manage your customers’ reviews for your business.

But, are there benefits to automating customer review collection? We examine this convenient business service to see how it helps businesses manage their online presence.

Benefits of Automating Customer Reviews Collection

It Saves Time and Money

Anyone running their own business understands how important it is to keep expenses at a minimum. AI has contributed significantly to reducing business costs while improving customer service and operational standards.

Automating the collection of customer reviews helps businesses improve service standards without the need to invest in extra staff or staff hours. This is because staff is expensive to recruit, train, and keep in place with monthly salaries.

Automated customer review collection takes some financial strain away, freeing up your human capital to concentrate on the core business.

It Safeguards and Improves Your Business’ Online Reputation

Customer reviews are social proof that your business does what it says it does. This proof not only improves and safeguards your online reputation but also proves to potential customers that you are a genuine article.

As a result, customers are likely to trust your product or service due to the organically generated reviews on your business – and customers who trust you are likely to buy from you.

It Improves Your Customer Conversion Rate

As mentioned above, customers will more likely buy from a business they trust. When customers read the genuine experiences from past customers, it helps them to make informed decisions about purchasing a product or service.

The more reviews your business has, the better. Research shows that a brand with 1-10 reviews is 52.2% better positioned to convert customers than a business with no reviews. According to Reevoo, a product with 50 or more reviews can spur an increase in conversion rates of 4.6% compared to a product with no product review.

The bottom line: reviews matter when it comes to conversion rates.

It Enhances Client Engagement and Customer Loyalty

Automating customer reviews collection also improves customer service levels as you get to know their opinions promptly. This improves customer satisfaction and consequently customer loyalty, as it means you are listening and responding to what the customer wants.

The faster collection of and response to customer opinions also shows customers that the feedback matters and that you actually value it. This, in turn, leads customers to trust you and your business, informing their decision on whether or not to buy from you again.

Enhancing customer satisfaction is a part of the customer experience, and a good customer experience can mean the difference between making a profit or a loss.

It’s Good for SEO

Reviews have a direct impact on your website’s SEO rankings.

More customer feedback leads to more relevant keywords that the Google algorithm picks up. This gives you an edge over your competitors and improves your CTR because when customers leave reviews on a product or your blog posts, Google trusts your website and your business.

Customer Review Automation – Top Software Products to Check Out

If you’re thinking of automating the collection of reviews, top software products to check out include:

· Reviewstap

· FieldPulse

· Housecall Pro

· Jobber

· Quickbooks

· ResponsiBid

· Send Jim

· Service Monster

· Workiz

· Zapier

In Conclusion

Automating customer reviews collection does have its perks; research shows that it can result in an 18% increase in sales.

It makes managing your online presence and customer contacts easier, which leads to increased revenues in the long term. You also get to protect your business image online, ensuring that customers see you as a business entity that cares to respond to their concerns.

However, there are concerns about the full automation of reviews, as AI may never be able to match the nuanced responses of a real human being or respond appropriately to a negative review.

If you need assistance automating online customer reviews, you can rely on the savvy and friendly marketing team at ReviewTap.

Contact us now to discuss your needs, and we’ll see how to go about getting you started on hooking new customers with the power of positive customer reviews online.