Differences Between Reviews on Facebook Pages and Google Business

Differences Between Reviews on Facebook Pages and Google Business     

Introduction to Public Review Platforms

When it comes to running your business, nothing sells as well as a personal recommendation from a real customer. We all understand the value of getting those reviews, but where do you concentrate your efforts?

Two of the best options are your Facebook page and Google. So, the issue is whether or not the reviews on Facebook pages and Google Business carry the same weight. Which is more valuable to your business?

What are the differences between reviews on Facebook page and reviews on Google Business pages?Which of the two have the most impact on your business ranking overall? In this post, we’ll look at the two and answer those questions.

Overview of Google Business Listings

Your Google Business page is a free service that Google offers. Once you claim your page, you can fill in the details of your business. This step is essential because if you don’t, Google’s going to try and do it for you from information on the web.

If you want to rank better in local search results, you need to have a Google My Business page in place.

Reviews on Google Business

We all know that Google is the search engine giant, and they use reviews to determine the value of your business. The more good reviews you have, the more credible your business appears, and the better your chances of ranking higher.

The downside is that bad reviews from any source count, too. What’s even worse is that it’s challenging to have these reviews removed. You have no way of doing it yourself—you have to submit a request to Google to do so.

That’s a complicated process in itself, and you have to present an excellent case to get the negative review removed. On the bright side, you can respond to these reviews, so there is an opportunity for damage control.

Overview of Facebook Pages

Facebook pages are free and completely under your control. If push comes to shove, you can delete negative comments. The other advantage is that people spend a lot of their time on this platform.

If they’re on Facebook already and want to search for your business, they’ll do it there—they don’t have to use Google. So, a Facebook presence is also important, as are the reviews.

Reviews on Facebook Pages

What’s more important about this particular channel is that your customers use it daily. For most people, it’s easy to leave a review. They’re on the site already, so when they go to your page, leaving a review is a lot simpler.

What’s more, your Facebook page and reviews are also likely to show up in search results, making it a two-for-one benefit.

 On the downside, we know how Google loves its data. While it’s going to collect positive reviews from various sources, none are going to count quite as much as a positive Google review.

So, while Facebook reviews will show up in search results, they’re not likely to have as much of an impact on your actual ranking.

The Verdict – Which Site Wins?

The reality is that both sites have their pros and cons. When it comes to ranking well on Google, Google reviews are going to be more important. Facebook is a convenient platform and makes it easier for clients to leave reviews.

Our advice is to work on both pages for the best results. Why not ask for feedback from your clients and link through to both pages? That way, they can decide which they want to use. And if you’ve really wowed them, they might choose to review your business on both sites.